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Tailor Made
Tailor Made
Here, you start from scratch and create your very own tailor - made paper. This option gives you the ability to order a product of unique paper in colour, weight and texture, with a minimum amount of 200 kilos, which is 1000 sheets of 70x1000cm, 300gr.
Tailor Made

Υou can create your own unique paper to order. Get in touch with us and let us brainstorm and propose the paper most suitable to your needs. You will receive a laboratory sample of the tailor-made paper that we’ve prepared for you. We can reach the finest result, according to your needs, creating paper of any colour. Prussian blue, ultramarine, indigo, Aegean blue, electric blue, cerulean blue. Our initial offer (mood board) to you has more than one shades of colour, as a result of a process that may begin with a simple reference either on a fabric, a paper sheet, or a pantone code.


In cooperation with the most reliable paper makers around the globe, we are constantly exploring the fields of design, image, and packaging. We are happy to assist our partner to discover the unique DNA of its product, in paper. 


Going back in time, we realized that the customer’s special needs and taste, often exceeded the type and variety of paper, provided in the market. For instance, we had to seek for a paper with a beehive relief, reminiscent of a honeycomb, suitable for a series of products made of honey. We also had to seek for, paper containing grass a paper with a certain pantone code.


Seeking for the right paper for a specific product it is a process full of emotions. We love to share with you our know how and contribute to the success of your project. It is implemented in 4 simple stages and concerns a minimum quantity of 200 kg to 3 tons of paper per case, i.e. from 1000 to 14,000 sheets of 70x100cm 300gr.


First we define the ideal colour, weight and finishing.  Then we manage the demand, order, the delivery deadlines and also future deliveries.  As long as you agree and approve one of the laboratory samples, we are ready to start the production.  At this stage you will receive the final sample of your special paper, for approval. Finally, at stage 4 the production begins. The final outcome is a proof of a fine result. Your unique paper is now ready to communicate your story.  


Here are some important technical specifications applied in the paper production process.

Tensile Strength : it is the strength of the paper before it is broken.

Tear Strength : resistance to tearing. Important for packaging paper.