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Sample Book

The Sample Book ‘Hartina’ is all about the paper raw material helping you shape your ideas into practice. High quality papers for packaging & printing white and colored. A material ready to support creativity, express any desire and fulfil every need.

Sample Book

Our swatchbook consists of 3 pieces N1, Δ2, Θ3 each page is one different paper with information and code number, indicating eco certifications, complementary envelopes, price range and code number. Our constant interaction with paper-makers, designers and techniques, makes ‘Hartina’ the ideal series for printing business cards, boxes, labels, editions and works of art reproductions. All the papers in this swatchbook are suitable for offset printing, lithography, foil printing, die cutting, silkscreen, embossing and folding. Most papers are suitable for digital printing. Each colored is due colored in the pulp. There is no change in color therefore when the paper is folded or cut. Colour resistance to uv rays is also an important feature for packaging and book covers.

The swatchbook consists of 3 pieces. Swatches Ν1, Δ2, Θ3 are not simple the papers we have in stock. They are the basic tool for printed communication. Get started, browse and come along with us, in the world of paper. We’ve selected for you the finest papers for printed communication, originated from the most innovative and reliable paper-producers in the world.


In each sheet the is information on the eco specification, cost and digital printing compatibility. Each sample has the name of the paper and one unique number. The first  number is the swatchbook 1,2 or 3. The second number is the chapter i.e. 1.2 Recycled, 1.9 Munken. The third number is the code of the paper and weight. For example : in the first swatchbook, the first chapter starts with 1.1.651-140g. The second chapter starts with 2 and the third with 3. Finally in each page on the left top there is an increasing number for easier use.

Ecological papers & technical specifications


At Perrakis Papers, we are committed to keeping the planet alive. Therefore, we believe in the minimum footprint of paper production on the environment. The sustainability of materials and the reduction of energy consumption, are processes of vital importance. Our papers have international ecological certifications and for every single paper there is a specific ecological certification, of certain characteristics. For instance, for every single tree that we cut, we are planting at its place, six new trees. Sustainable behaviour is not just a trend but a way of life. Caring for the environment is a matter of social responsibility and awareness and it is a one way trend that will become a way of life with environmental legislation of stringent standards. Therefore, brands do invest in this philosophy and mix design with sustainability by choosing paper packaging.

Perrakis Papers, invite you to become part of sustainable philosophy and encourage you to write down on your printed material and products, all the ecological certifications they have.


Pulp contains fibers recovered from papers that have already been used once and collected for their second life.


Forest Stewardship Council FSC Ecological Certification

It ensures the exploitation of forests in a sustainable manner. In Europe and North America, this certification is mandatory and provided for by the legislation of each country. The FSC label has international recognition and acceptance. 


Nordic ecological certification, Arctic Swan

Ecological certification of the Nordic countries regarding the limitation of the use of chemical substances, the amount of emission of exhaust gases, the reduced use of energy and the management of waste. The quality and functionality of each product is investigated. It is re-evaluated every four years with strict criteria.


Ecological holistic paper production by Gmund Paper Mill - ECO 100% Sustainability

Controlled supply of pulp, reduced water consumption by 30%, production of electricity within the paper mill, reduction of waste by 82%.


Time-resistant, 100% chlorine-free

Certification with the following properties: Durability of the paper for a long period of time, provided it is stored in suitable humidity and temperature conditions. The pulp is of high quality and does not contain calcium carbonate. It does not fade, does not deteriorate and does not oxidize easily. 


Paper Eco Forest Certification PEFC

An international non-profit and non-governmental independent forest certification organization. It assesses and certifies national forestry systems and provides guidance to governments with environmental and social standards to save forests around the world.


EU Ecolabel  

The EU Ecolabel is the European Union's official mark of environmental excellence. Recognized throughout Europe and worldwide, it certifies that products bearing the EU Ecolabel are guaranteed for the low environmental impact they leave on the planet. 


Cradle to Cradle
Cradle to Cradle certification is internationally recognized and aims for safer and more sustainable products intended for the circular economy. It ensures the reduction of waste and hazardous chemicals, more efficient use of resources and reuse of materials, as well as energy efficiency and social responsibility. 


Acid Free

Acid-free papers that have a neutral pH and do not deteriorate over time. Please notice that the paper must be stored in suitable humidity and temperature conditions.


FSC MIX 30% Recycled

30% recycled paper and FSC certification of sustainably managed forests.


Food Contact

Papers with ISEGA certification, suitable for food packaging and direct contact with food.

Paper Possibilities
  • Studio: DKD studio
  • Project: Packaging with Gmund Volume 14,03,28,37 & 46 in 670gsm
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