Perrakis Papers


One and a half century ago, our history in the world of paper began. Four consecutive generations of the Perrakis family, connected to the oldest material in the world. A material upon which, man wrote thoughts and left traces of civilization. 


Athens, 1887. Kostis Perrakis founds the paper mill ‘Ermis’. Using the expertise taken by French paper-makers, he manufactures paper originated from the Alfa plant, a plant collected in the shores of lake Kopaida. All of the sudden, after a catastrophic fire and a dispute with the insurance company, the paper mill unit is lead to confiscation. That was the time, when pioneer Kostis Perrakis, decided to import paper from Europe. Having travelled to many European countries, he’s managed to establish strong business relations and  introduced to Greece the ‘Paper League’. We are proud to say that some of our founder’s strategic and long-lasting business relations, last up to nowadays.

1907. Kostis Perrakis introduces the very first watermarked papers for Public Sector and banknotes, some of which are used today, in security forms.

1940. Ioannis Perrakis, son of the founder Kostis, takes over the family business with remarkable results, however he suspended the operations due to the beginning of The Second World War. He made this decision so that the conqueror would not use the stored amount of paper for their propaganda printed material.

1957. Kostas and Nikos Perrakis, were the following generation. They took a pioneering decision on their business orientation, investing on special types of paper. It is the finer qualities of paper that its mission, is not just to carry some information but to make a difference, to inspire and to express a strong personality.

1999. Ariadne Perrakis takes over and establishes partnerships with paper suppliers from all over the world. She emphasizes on highly sophisticated papers, which convey culture, inspire passion, express ideas and add value to the final product. Thus, Ariadne imports papers from Japan that communicate emotion and travel the senses, papers from Germany focused on technology and innovation, and papers from Italy distinguished for their elegance. Furthermore, she imports papers from the United Kingdom, famous for their grand tradition in a paper industry, full of innovative products and also papers from Sweden which are famous for their eco manifesto/sustainability. 



As a connecting link of different philosophies, Perrakis Papers become what they are today. A pole of attraction, inspiration and creativity for young designers, type professionals and people with a genuine love of paper.