Perrakis Papers


One and a half century ago, our history in the world of paper began. Four consecutive generations of the Perrakis family, connected to the oldest material in the world. A material upon which, man wrote thoughts and left traces of civilization. 


We are inspired and stimulated by paper, it is sensitive and durable, we passionately across generations, encourage creative and inspiring ideas. Nowadays, our headquarters on Alkminis street, has have more windows to attract bright sunlight of Attica. Our offices, have become meeting point for creatives. Are always open, bringing paper lovers together, designing along with them. Connecting and learning and in many ways this is a gift we bring to ourselves and to others. 

Quality and originality is the criterion behind our choice of paper. We select reliable suppliers from all around the world that make sustainable paper and respect the environment. At Perrakis Papers, every designer, printer and boxmaker, either student or professional, has the ability to seek and find the proper quality of paper, which will boost up his work and highlight his original idea. Our role is more than helping you cover your needs. We want to enhance your inspiration and assist you to create something new, using the oldest element, invented by mankind. A living element that breathe, inspires, transforms and renews itself, always under the principles of recyclable energy.

  • Studio: DKD studio
  • Project: Packaging with Gmund Volume 14,03,28,37 & 46 in 670gsm