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Custom Made
Custom Made
You have the ability to start from scratch and create your own paper. You can also combine several textures, colours, and weight and make a brand-new paper. For any advice, feel free to contact with us.
Custom Made

Here you can create your custom paper, according to your own unique project. With Colorplan, you are able to combine texture, colour and weight, reaching to a fine and unique result. With 55 colours, 25 embossed patterns and 10 weights, you are able to create your own paper, for a minimum of 25 sheets in total.


Creating your own custom - made paper is something special. Reaching this colour palette was a result of extended debate among designers and typographers. It is created to fulfil any brand and deliver high standards in a modern creative era.


Colorplan are manufactured in England since 1936. Famous for their bright colour palette, in 55 different shades of unique intensity, 25 textures and 10 weights. It is the very best matte paper of its kind used in extended printing and ideal for packaging due to its special paper volume. This is the very first time that paper is offered in such a vast variety of colours, in any size, weight and finish. You can order papers of any different combination of your choice, picking any colour, weight and embossing with a minimum order of 25 sheets. Delivery time 20 days.




Custom Made - Colorflute


Create your own recyclable paper, suitable for any packaging solution with a minimum order only 25 sheets.

Available in over 1000 combinations in 55 colours and 24 embossings from the Colorplan range, with two protective E-Flute options in white and kraft.

Ideal for printing because of the high number of flutes ¨individual waves¨ per square feet. This creates a smooth surface that does not distort images when printed on.

Designed to protect products up to 12 kilos.